Portraits of Women

Director – Tracy Doyle

New York Cinematographer – Dagmar Weaver-Madsen

Chengdu Cinematographer – Cecile Zhang

Portraits of Women is a global film and print campaign that captures two women on opposite sides of the planet. A diptych of the ritual of dressing, each subject arms herself with a Cameluxe coat before emerging to face the world.

When embarking on the AW21 campaign for MaxMara’s Cameluxe line of coats, I was given two criteria: to create a video-first project that translated into a global campaign and to find a way to collaborate with two cinematographers.

I then gave myself three additional criteria: to create a series of universal actions that could naturally be performed by two women on opposite ends of the globe, to compile an almost all-female team to execute the project, and to direct each cinematographer to create a diptych of the ritual of dressing, each woman arming themselves with a Cameluxe coat before emerging to face the world. Filmed in March 2021 amid the pandemic, the execution of the campaign was very much an exercise in creative problem-solving. 

The result is Portraits of Women.


New York

8:00 A.M.

Helena Suric, Senior Director of Talent for Vogue & Condé Nast, is the subject of our New York story, epitomizing the MaxMara woman: a strong, independent, on-the-go professional making her way through the streets of New York on her way to work. A voice-over provides character context and insight into Helena’s perspective on living, including the importance of writing down our dreams.



8:00 P.M.

Jasmine Xie, CEO of talent agency Nova Universal, is the subject of our China story. As seen in both films, she examines herself in the mirror in a moment of honest vulnerability, filmed to give the audience the perspective of being the mirror’s reflection. A voice over reveals Jasmine’s unconventional and thoroughly global path that led her to be the CEO of her own China-based business.


Casting and Production – Jenny Friedberg

Editor – Emily Spiegelman

Music Composition - Beata Moon

Styling – Michelle Cameron

Hair – Didier Malige

Makeup – Jeanine Lobell

Stedicam – Yousheng Tang

Motion Graphics - Sarah Mackinney

Color – Jamie O’Bradovich at Company 3