S22 Campaign
& Content Program

Director – Tracy Doyle

Stills Photography – Robbie Lawrence

Cinematography – Matteo Passigato

Music Composition – Duncan Thum

A global campaign and content program highlighting Cameluxe, MaxMara's sustainable innovation, told through the story of model and activist Arizona Muse. 


Arizona Muse walks the walk. Unlike others in influential positions who tout environmental agendas but don’t make an impact, Arizona moved her family from London to the island of Ibiza to pursue a sustainable life. Educating herself in biodynamic farming, Arizona founded DIRT, a “foundation for the regeneration of Earth”. When thinking about how to communicate the sustainable aspects of Cameluxe, MaxMara’s coat with a fully upcycled lining, Arizona came to mind as the perfect ambassador.

In thinking about how to tell Arizona’s story, we decided to divide the project into two parts: a global film and print campaign, plus a content program—all shot in Ibiza. The campaign portion of the project features the traditional assets required to support global communications, including motion, print, and digital advertising. To reinforce the narrative, we decided to shoot the content portion on a biodynamic farm, creating a reportage-style film with interviews, plus supporting photographic assets.


Campaign Film

Content Film


Styling – Michelle Cameron

Production – Jenny Friedberg

Ibiza Production – Renu Kashyap & Ashley Harris

Editor – Danny Doran

Hair & Makeup – Barbara Urra

Color – Jamie O’Bradovich / Company 3