A Coat Tale

Narrator – Anna Baryshnikov

Featuring – Hannah Ferguson & Leila Yavari

Creative Movement Director – Stephen Galloway

Cinematography – Brendan Stumpf

Styling – Alex Jordan Harrington

Set Design – Dorothée Baussan

Part fairytale, part satire on the fashion industry, this story follows magical Clarissa — dressed in her beautiful coats — as she discovers the most powerful lesson of all.


“This is the story of Clarissa.
Clarissa is magical.”


The Film

A Coat Tale 

When embarking on this collaboration, MaxMara had only two requests: create a film that is both humorous and intellectual, and secondly, highlight the brand DNA: coats. With this direction in mind, I scripted and evoked the familiar fairy tale genre, narrated by Anna Baryshnikov throughout the film — a satirical take on the fashion industry simply entitled, A Coat Tale. The film lived as a post on The New York Times website and was used by MaxMara on both their own website and social channels.