Le Paris Russe
de Chanel

Featuring – Alma Jadorowsky & Jarrod Scott

Director – Tracy Doyle

Photography – Kate Jackling

Cinematography – Brendan Stumpf

Set Design – Pierre Glanddier

A storytelling experience highlighting the high jewelry collection inspired by the unique Russian characters that became central figures in Gabrielle Chanel’s life in post-revolution Paris.

190313_CHANEL_RED_ SH03_MUSES_MODEL_FINAL_0015-RT-04-lowres

Le Paris Russe de Chanel reflects and captures the unique approach which I have developed with the CHANEL team, a storytelling experience conveyed by focusing on the lush and unique narratives of CHANEL haute joaillerie. This collection was inspired by the specific period of time in French history when Russian immigrants fled to Paris, weaving themselves into the city’s beloved fabric, and as a result, becoming immersed in all areas of Gabrielle Chanel’s life.

Four alluring chapters

As the films reach to recount a moment of communion with the Russians, as described by Coco’s niece, the narrative takes place in the span of one evening — from the arrival of the guests to the remainder of one lover at the end of the night’s celebration when everyone else has departed and returned home. As with all CHANEL collaborations, I conducted the historical research to create the narrative structure, deciding upon four chapters: The Friendships, The Maison, The Muses, The Lovers.


The Friendships


The Maison


The Muses


The Lovers

Storytelling that captivated 40 million followers

I wrote all the copy for the digital experience as well as the social copy for Chanel’s 40 million followers. I conceived and visualized the still imagery and films while also directing the latter — all of which were shot at Gabrielle Chanel’s private apartment on Rue Cambon, Paris.

190313_CHANEL_RED_SH05_LOVERS_STILL-RT-03 2-lowres

Hair – Sebastien Richard

Makeup – Christine Corbel

Manicure – Severine Loréal

Production – Cinq Étoiles