Cameluxe Branding

A naming and branding project for MaxMara’s sustainable initiative, Cameluxe, where fabric from their iconic camel-hair coats is up-cycled to create a new form of insulating material.


Camel hair, which is sustainable and non-threatening to the animal itself (camels shed their hair naturally), is one of MaxMara’s primary fabrics. When MaxMara noticed substantial leftover material in the production of their iconic camel hair coats, the brand repurposed this luxurious and incredibly warm fiber into a new form of insulation for The Cube, their line of modular down coats. For this branding project, I conceived the moniker Cameluxe through an extensive naming exploration, as well as the logo and camel icon. These are now used on all Cameluxe products globally, as well as on MaxMara’s online and social platforms.